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Exceptional quality INFLATABLE BOATS at affordable prices

Enhance your experience on the water, whether it is fishing, diving, or just a weekend excursion, via one of our Saturn inflatable boats! 

We offer a product line of affordable boats, including the “Kaboat” – a hybrid crossover between a kayak and a boat – and our rescue rafts. When equipped with an outboard motor, Saturn inflatable boats travel with ease across the water. Our boats run smoothly with both gasoline and electric outboard motors.
Video of Saturn Inflatable Boat

All Saturn inflatable boats are made of 1100-denier commercial-grade PVC fabric, a material much stronger than the vast majority of inflatable boats on the market. Our boats’ hulls feature components including an inflatable keel with a rub strake at the bottom, heavy-duty plywood transom, double layer of PVC fabric along the bottom of the boat tubes, and a safety release air valve to prevent over-inflation. 

Our inflatable boats are usable on the ocean, in heavy surf, and even in whitewater! You can feel assured that the quality of Saturn’s boats guarantee unmatched durability. The buoyancy chamber tubes of the inflatable boats comprise of several independent airtight compartments separated by internal baffles. Strong, stable, and safe to use, Saturn inflatable boats are ideal for friends, family, and fishermen!

Pictures of Saturn Inflatable Boats

While boating is such an enjoyable pastime, many serious and casual boaters often feel overwhelmed by maintenance, marina expenses, and towing your boat to location. If this sounds like what’s keeping you from purchasing a boat, then a Saturn inflatable boat is what you need. Our boats are excellent for fishing, or weekend excursions, almost anywhere. 

Fiberglass and aluminum boats are often costly, especially when considering how frequently, or infrequently, they might be used. They take up a considerable amount of space, usually require towing, and just aren’t financially practical! Saturn inflatable boats cost a fraction of the price of fiberglass or aluminum boats and are much easier to store, transport, and care for. With an electric pump, you’ll be ready to set sail in minutes! 
Customer Testimonial:
Just a note to say what a pleasure it's been working with you in purchasing my new boat and accessories. Your customer service is outstanding: prompt, courteous, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Your web site is first rate. Thanks especially for hurrying my order and shipping along. I'll be watching for the FedEx tracking number and following it. And, I expect I'll be a ready reference for you and your products.
Saturn inflatable boats deflate as easily as they inflate and can be stored in your trunk or in a corner of your home. For those who have always dreamed of owning a boat, but need to do so on a budget, then a Saturn inflatable boat is for you!

Saturn inflatable boats offer exceptional durability and attention to details. Prices below shown including shipping within USA.

Description Capacity  Length  MSRP 
Inflatable Dinghy SD230 2 persons 7.6' $748
Inflatable Dinghy SD260 3 persons 8.6' $858
Inflatable Dinghy SD290 4 persons 9.6' $968
Inflatable Dinghy SD330 4 persons 11' $1068
Inflatable Boat SD365 5 persons 12' $1198
Inflatable Boat SD385 5 persons 13' $1348
Inflatable Boat SD430 7 persons 14' $1498
Inflatable Boat SD470 8 persons 15' $1758
Inflatable Raft RD390 8 persons 13' $1798
Fishing Kayak FK396 2 persons 12' $698
Expedition Kayak RK375 2 persons 12' $668
KaBoat SK396 2 persons 12' $698
KaBoat SK430 3 persons 14' $778
KaBoat SK470 3 persons 15'  $818
KaBoat SK487 4 persons 16'  $998
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