14′ Saturn Whitewater Raft

The most versatile of all of our whitewater rafts the 14′ Saturn Whitewater Raft can handle just about any condition needed. It serves as a paddle raft for up to 7 adults or has plenty of capacity for 5 adults when being rowed with one of our NRS frames (not included). The 14’ length, 6’8” width and near 20” tubes combine perfect specifications to handle BIG whitewater but can also provide a fun ride in Class II and smaller rapids. The 14′ Saturn Whitewater Raft has been our top seller over the past decade and continues to be the raft of choice for customers looking for a whitewater raft that can comfortably seat a big family group and yet can be handled with ease with just 3 paddlers. Whether you’re planning for day trips, overnighters or weeklong fishing trips, this inflatable raft hits the mark. Simply put…if you’re unsure of the right sized raft for your needs the 14′ Saturn Whitewater Raft is most likely the perfect fit.