ASIS Amphibious Boats are favored around the world for leisure boating as well as for professional mariners such as law enforcement, firefighting, Search & Rescue, Coast guard Patrol and many more.

Developed to enhance your boating experience whatever your purpose is, once you’ve been on an ASIS amphibious boat, there is no going back.

As said by ASIS founder and CEO, Roy Nouhra : “Can you imagine yourself traveling with a luggage without wheels? ASIS Amphibious system is to Boating what wheels are for luggage. Once you have tried it, you will have experienced the future of boating”

The amphibious system which can be fitted on any of our ASIS Boats ranging in size from 5.1m to 12m consists of motorized retractable and steerable wheels. With its wheels down, the ASIS Amphibious Boats can be driven from your stowage area, down a boat ramp or any beach and directly into the water. The wheels are then retracted and are completely off the water ensuring there no compromise to on water performance.

Our newest innovation is the ASIS Amphibious with Beachlander capabilities. The only amphibious of its kind in the world, taking the amphibious concept to another level. Once the ASIS Amphibious is on land, the loading ramp can be lowered making it is very convenient and safe to board and/or debark the boat and giving a chance for disabled people to enjoy the freedom of boating with hassle free embarking & disembarking.