ASIS Anti-Piracy Rigid Inflatable Boats are specifically designed for long-duration, high-speed missions and equipped for Armed, Vessel Boarding Search & Seizure (VBSS)/ “Takedowns” critical to effective Anti-Piracy operations. ASIS Anti-piracy boats are used for a wide range of mission profiles. From Fast patrol crafts reaching 12m in size that provide maximum mission-range and crew comfort to smaller sizes with many options available including deck mounting of crew-serve weapons systems, tactical boarding ladders, FLIR Cameras and recording and wireless headset communication systems; ASIS Boats offers Anti-piracy configurations that are designed to meet each client’s unique mission requirements.

While here we are showcasing a selection of recent manufactured ASIS Anti-Piracy rigid inflatable boats (RIB/ RHIB), ASIS Boats produces a diverse range of equipment and accessories that is available for the build of your fully customized Anti-Piracy boat.