We have the pleasure to present you a brand new Leisure line in the Osprey range. Osprey is already well known for his “No nonsense, heavy duty” Ribs for “the hard user” with a basic deck layout which is really popular for the sportive people, divers, fishers and rescue people. But now Osprey has designed a new line-up with a family friendly and luxury deck.

These new models of 7.3 or 8.00 m are based on the popular Vipermax-hull, but they have a practical and spacious deck, a streamlined console with tinted screen (Seasport), a sundeck with integrated storage at the bow, an engine well with a comfortable bench and huge storage space. It comes with 2 jockey seats as a standard, but other seating arrangements are possible as an option. In other words despite this new design of a familiar deck, it’s still possible to make a custom built RIB with the colours and seats of your choice.

The new Vipermax Leisure range is available in the Vipermax Leisure 6.8 (new since 2017), 7.3 and 8.0. Like most of the family-friendly RIBs, the standard-equipment of the Vipermax Leisure range is quite complete.