Intex Mariner 4-Person Inflatable Boat


This is the best inflatable boat for a group of people who want to fish. The boat is roomy and spacious, and contains enough room to hold your fishing gear. The inflatable raft also comes with two rod holders. This craft is perfect if you want to row out to the middle of a lake and cast a few lines into the water.

Talking about rowing, this watercraft comes with aluminum oars. No matter what you hit with these oars, these ones are going to hold up. The fact that they are aluminum also means that they will stand the test of time and last for a really long time.

The super-tough vinyl will protect your craft from many dangers. The vinyl is able to resist abrasions and impacts. This is great for when you hit any rocks, should you traverse into shallower waters. The vinyl is also UV-resistant. The sun may beat down upon your boat, but it will not degrade the material and cause it to crack or lose color.

The inflatable seat cushions have been built for comfort. The inflatable keel also means that you will stay comfortably in your inflatable seat as the boat is maneuvered through the waters. The inflatable keel gives great control and handling.

This is a great boat for a relaxed day out on the lake, and you will feel more satisfied than you ever have when you cook up the fish you caught out there.

  • What Makes This Boat Stand Out
  • Stable
  • Aluminum oars
  • Durable rock guard

Weight : 91 Lbs

Passengers : 4

Dimensions : 129”L x 57”W

Accessories : Oars



Intex Excursion 5-Person Inflatable Boat


This is a top rated inflatable boat for those who wish to enjoy the open waters with a group of people. With enough capacity to fit 5 people, this is a great boat for a family or a group of friends. This is a recreational boat. The design of the boat has been considered to include the largest number of people. The downside to this is the amount of storage, but if there are five of you in the boat, you are not going to expect to have room for camping gear for five or fishing gear for five.

This is an boat which you will take out on the water for some rest and relaxation. Of course, there is certainly room for some drinks and snacks, so do not think that you cannot take anything aboard.

No matter where you take this vessel, you will be assured that the materials will hold up. The vinyl is tough. So tough, that the boat has been US Coast Guard approved. If they are happy with the durability of the boat, then you should be too.

  • What Makes This Boat Stand Out
  • Great value
  • Sits 5 people
  • Quick to inflate

Weight : 53 Lbs

Passengers : 4

Dimensions : 96”L x 48”W

Accessories : Oars and Hand Pump



Intex Seahawk 4-Person Inflatable Raft


Another entry from Intex. They just make top rated inflatable boats. The main selling feature of this boat is that it comes with its own pump. No need to buy a pump separately or worry that the pump you have will fit. The boat is also made from their usual super-tough vinyl, ensuring that your boat will last against wear and tear, abrasions, and possible punctures.

This is a boat for four people and one which comes with a variety of features. The inflatable floor is one of the most comfortable to be on and is still one of the most rigid and durable. The inflatable seats ensure that you will have a comfortable ride, and the all-around grab line will ensure your safety.

This inflatable boat is also perfect for fishing. It comes with two rod holders at the rear. There are oar holders which can hold your precious oars while you concentrate on the fish. There is a gear pouch, perfect for holding your fishing equipment. This is also an easy boat to maneuver, which makes it perfect for finding the perfect spot to catch all those fish.

  • What Makes This Boat Stand Out
  • Trusted name
  • Includes inflation pump
  • Rod holders

Weight : 46.6 Lbs

Passengers : 4

Dimensions : 133”L x 50”W

Accessories : Oars and Hand Pump


Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat


This inflatable pontoon boat is rated for 400 pounds. It is definitely a boat for the solo traveler, but don’t worry because you will be traveling in style. There is more than enough storage for everything you will want to take on your trip with you. The side storage pockets also remove to become your own gear bag. A touch which means you will not need to worry about storage to and from your inflatable craft.

There is also a transport wheel, which means you will not have to carry your boat to and from your vehicle (provided that the ground is relatively flat). If you wish to transport yourself faster in the water, then there is a motor mount.

This is a great inflatable boat for fishing from. The anchoring system allows you to anchor the vessel on either side. There is also a rod holder to hold your fishing rod. The boat is also equipped with cup holders to hold your favorite beverage as you wait for those fish to bite.

The Colorado XT inflatable boat is backed by two things. Firstly, the boat has a US-based customer service team. They also have one of the best warranties in the business. The peace of mind having coverage for your boat can be priceless. As a boating enthusiast, I am sure that you will take care of your boat, but if an accident does occur, you will have the coverage you need.

  • What Makes This Boat Stand Out
  • Anchor system
  • Rod holder
  • Removable gear bags

Weight : 68

Passengers : 2

Dimensions : 108”L x 56”W x 26”H

Accessories : Gear bag and Anchor