Intex Mariner 4-Person Inflatable Boat

This is the best inflatable boat for a group of people who want to fish. The boat is roomy and spacious, and contains enough room to hold your fishing gear. The inflatable raft also comes with two rod holders. This craft is perfect if you want to row out to the middle of a lake and cast a few lines into the water.

Talking about rowing, this watercraft comes with aluminum oars. No matter what you hit with these oars, these ones are going to hold up. The fact that they are aluminum also means that they will stand the test of time and last for a really long time.

The super-tough vinyl will protect your craft from many dangers. The vinyl is able to resist abrasions and impacts. This is great for when you hit any rocks, should you traverse into shallower waters. The vinyl is also UV-resistant. The sun may beat down upon your boat, but it will not degrade the material and cause it to crack or lose color.

The inflatable seat cushions have been built for comfort. The inflatable keel also means that you will stay comfortably in your inflatable seat as the boat is maneuvered through the waters. The inflatable keel gives great control and handling.

This is a great boat for a relaxed day out on the lake, and you will feel more satisfied than you ever have when you cook up the fish you caught out there.