Sealegs launch kit to turn superyacht tenders amphibious

New Zealand company Sealegs has launched a kit to enable superyacht tender builders to make their own craft amphibious.

Sealegs, which builds a range of amphibious tenders from 6.1m to 7.7m, has had success with the amphibious kit in the Middle East and Australasia, and is now rolling it out to European boatbuilders. The kit enables boat manufacturers to create their own amphibious craft and extend their product range without compromising the performance, comfort and character of their own tenders. The new kit caters for boats up to seven metres, with a 10 metre kit in development. Sealegs provides full support to builders in the supply and build process.

The amphibious package is bolted on to the tender and can be raised completely clear of the water by the crew while underway. The crew then lower the wheels as the vessel approaches land, before the Sealegs’ four-wheel drive system powers the craft over the foreshore until guests are delivered safely to dry land. Sealegs believes the new kit will prove particularly popular with explorer vessels, since it presents an answer to how to get ashore in remote spots.

Sealegs has over 900 amphibious craft in more than 35 countries.