SEAMAX Inflatable Boat Air Series from 9ft to 10.5ft, with Light Weight High Pressure Airmat

Airmat Floor Technology
Airmat floor is made up of two layers of fabric held together by thousands of polyester cross-stitches; when inflated to high pressure this air cushion becomes as rigid as a traditional floor. Airmat floor is much lighter and takes up less space. Soft to touch the Airmat floor absorbs bumps and resists tears. Airmat chamber max pressure can support 10 PSI. We suggest using Seamax Electric Air Pump.

Boat Assemble
Inflatable Boat is not hard to assemble; it may take up to 1 hour at the first time. Before you pump the air chambers, please double check all valves and make sure they are at intake position. There is a push /or turn stick at the middle as the switch of the position. You also can use air valve tools to check all the air valves and make sure all screwed down enough.

Clear a flat surface that is clean and free of sharp objects. Place the boat in the ground flat surface to start. You can put cardboard underneath or do it at the carpet. The boat has a Plywood Support for Airmat floor at the rear. Please place the support in right position before start. The rear support helps the floor to be flat and getting proper V Hull when boating.

Pump the tube chamber until 40-60% full. Pumping air can help to open up the boat and you will be easier to place the Airmat floor in to right position, remember the plywood support must be face down.
You can keep pumping the tube chambers one by one