Unmanned boats assist international police to strike smuggling

On September 11, an intelligent unmanned anti-smuggling exercise was held at the port of Lianyungang International Passenger Terminal.

On September 11, an intelligent unmanned anti-smuggling exercise was held at the port of Lianyungang International Passenger Terminal. This is one of the key activities of the 4th “New Asia-Europe Safety Corridor International Law Enforcement Cooperation Forum” hosted by the Ministry of Public Security of China.

The Oceanalpha unmanned boats were the main force to assist the police in successfully arresting smugglers in the exercise and were highly recognized security officials from 29 countries and 4 international organizations.

Oceanalpha unmanned boat assists police to arrest smugglers

At the drill site, the waves were raging and the wind was strong. The “smugglers’ were fleeing frantically with a speedboat after being discovered by the police. Oceanalpha’s M75 security unmanned boat chased after the smugglers tightly as commanded to capture the smugglers’ face and location information and returned the data to the command center through airborne equipment.

At the same time, the M75 cooperated with the Oceanalpha L30 security unmanned boat to surround the smuggler’s speedboat and warned them to surrender. One of the smugglers tried to flee with a motorboat, and the Oceanalpha unmanned boat immediately pursued it and guided the water police to intercept.

During the process, the Oceanalpha M75 security unmanned boat popped a life raft to rescue the “smuggler” who had accidentally fallen into the water. The M80 marine investigation boat sailed into the incident site and used sonar to locate the “smuggling diamonds” that were thrown into the sea to help the diver retrieve the evidence of the crime.

A number of unmanned boats and police speedboats formed a siege in the sea, fighting with the “smugglers” and chasing at high speed. Finally, the “smugglers” were all arrested, and Oceanalpha successfully completed the world’s first unmanned anti-smuggling exercise.

A senior security industry expert believes that it is a general trend to strengthen the police force with science and technology. The Oceanalpha security unmanned boat has shown strong maturity and stability in this exercise, indicating that artificial intelligence technology has great potential in the security field. The unmanned boat can play an important role in various scenes such as water security enforcement and assist the police to regulate the water safety order.

The unmanned era of water security is approaching

Oceanalpha’s L30 and M75 security guard unmanned boats are the most dazzling stars in this show. Their maximum speeds are 46 knots and 30 knots respectively, and they have advanced functions such as autonomous navigation, perceptual obstacle avoidance, real-time monitoring, tracking and reconnaissance, image recognition, and real-time information collection. These unmanned boats are highly automated “small surface robot” that can effectively replace police manpower on water security patrol missions.

According to Oceanalpha, these security unmanned boats can respond to the commands issued by the command system in real time, and dispatch within 2 minutes, replacing the police personnel to get into crime scenes and complete high-risk and repetitive tasks autonomously. The data collected by the on-site detection can also be uploaded in real time through the long-distance communication equipment carried by the unmanned boat, which can form a historical record and be used at any time, greatly improving work efficiency and accuracy.

Deployed with different equipment, Oceanalpha unmanned boat can be used in multiple application scenarios, such as equipped with life rafts and lifebuoys for search and rescue; equipped with water cannon for fire detection and fire; equipped with detection instruments to detect underwater suspicious objects and track frogmen; equipped with non-lethal weapons such as pepper mustard water and infrasound disperser for law enforcement.

In December 2017, Oceanalpha’s unmanned boats successfully executed the water security mission of the Fortune Forum, which was recognized by the industry. Since then, the unmanned boats became the routine equipment for the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out water policing tasks. In June 2018, Oceanalpha won the bid for the Ministry of Public Security project to provide security police unmanned boats for the police system, helping the police department to improve the accuracy and efficiency of crime combating.