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  • The Walker Bay 325 STX Deluxe Console Tender is a remarkable small boat that stands out for its superior storage, comfort, and exceptional performance, especially in rough water. It combines the Supertender RIB with a new deluxe fiberglass console unit, aiming to set a new standard in the small console RIB category.

Brand Background

  • Walker Bay is a leader in the inflatable boat industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality, and luxury. The brand has a history of producing versatile boats that offer a blend of performance and elegance, with the 325 STX Deluxe Console representing the latest in their line of advanced designs.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

  • Specifications: The 325 STX Deluxe Console Tender features a deep-V hull designed for rough water performance. The custom-designed console accommodates a 7″ chart plotter and provides ample legroom for the driver, emphasizing comfort and navigational ease.
  • Unique Features: This model includes an insulated cooler, two stainless steel cup holders, extra thick seat cushions, and a backrest, all of which contribute to a superior boating experience. The extra large bow locker is designed to fit a 6-gallon fuel tank, optimizing weight distribution and aiding in early planing.

Design and Construction

  • The design and construction of the 325 STX Deluxe Console focus on maximizing storage and comfort within a compact size. The integration of the deluxe fiberglass console with the robust Supertender RIB results in a small boat that does not compromise on luxury or performance.

Performance and Handling

  • Thanks to its deep-V hull, the 325 STX Deluxe Console Tender offers stability, maneuverability, and speed, providing an outstanding ride quality in various water conditions. Its design ensures that passengers experience the comfort typically found in larger, more expensive boats.

Setup and Maintenance

  • While specific details on setup and maintenance were not provided, the emphasis on quality and advanced design suggests that the 325 STX Deluxe Console Tender is built for ease of use and durability with minimal maintenance requirements.

Accessories and Customization

  • The model allows for significant customization, including the option to install a 7″ chart plotter. The thoughtful placement of features like the insulated cooler and stainless steel cup holders enhances the boat’s utility and enjoyment.

User Experience and Reviews

  • Direct user reviews were not mentioned, but the boat’s combination of storage, comfort, and rough water performance likely results in highly positive feedback from owners who prioritize luxury and functionality in a small console RIB.

Price and Value

  • Pricing information was not disclosed, but the 325 STX Deluxe Console Tender’s range of features and performance capabilities suggest it offers considerable value for those seeking a premium small console RIB.

Pros and Cons

  •  Exceptional storage for its size, superior comfort and riding position, high performance in rough water, and customizable features.
  • Specific cons were not mentioned, but considerations may include the investment required for a boat with such advanced features and luxury elements.

Conclusion and Recommendations

  • The Walker Bay 325 STX Deluxe Console Tender is highly recommended for individuals seeking a luxurious and high-performing small console RIB. It is particularly suited for those looking for a tender that excels in storage, comfort, and rough water capability.


What activities is the 325 STX Deluxe Console RIB suitable for?

Ideal for cruising, fishing, diving, and enjoying water sports, thanks to its versatile design and performance.

How does the 325 STX Deluxe Console RIB handle rough waters?

Its deep-V hull design ensures a smooth and stable ride, even in challenging conditions.

Can the 325 STX Deluxe Console RIB accommodate electronic navigation aids?

Yes, the console is designed to fit a 7” chart plotter, enhancing navigation capabilities.

Is the 325 STX Deluxe Console RIB easy to maintain?

While specific maintenance details were not provided, Walker Bay’s construction quality suggests ease of maintenance.

What makes the 325 STX Deluxe Console RIB stand out from other small RIBs?

Its combination of ample storage, superior comfort, exceptional handling, and customizable options set it apart in the luxury tender market.

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