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Brand and Model: The Eagle 4 by BRIG is highlighted as a compact high-spec performance RIB, ideal as a luxurious yacht tender or for those seeking comfort and style on the water.

Initial Impressions and Key Features: Offers comfortable seating for 5 passengers with large lockers under each seat for ample storage. It stands out for its compact size and high-performance capabilities.

Brand Background

History and Reputation: BRIG is renowned for its expertise in the inflatable boat industry, crafting high-quality, performance-oriented RIBs. The Eagle 4 continues this legacy with its luxurious design and superior handling.

Notable Achievements or Innovations: The brand’s commitment to innovation is evident in the Eagle 4’s design, which incorporates a reinforced deep ‘V’ hull, extended waterline length, extra-wide tubes, and a square bow to ensure stability and a dry ride even in heavy seas.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

The Eagle 4 is designed for stability and comfort with a reinforced deep ‘V’ hull, extended waterline, wide tubes, and a square bow. These features contribute to its dry and stable ride, even in challenging sea conditions.

Design and Construction

Aesthetics and Functionality: The Eagle 4’s design emphasizes both luxury and performance, with a focus on providing a dry and stable ride.

Quality of Materials and Construction Durability: BRIG uses high-quality materials for durability and longevity, ensuring that the Eagle 4 can withstand the demands of the sea.

Portability and Ease of Storage: Its compact size makes it easy to store and ideal for use as a yacht tender.

Performance and Handling

On-water Performance: The Eagle 4 is praised for its stability, maneuverability, and speed, making it suitable for a wide range of water conditions.

Suitability for Water Conditions: Its design ensures that it performs well in calm lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

Load Capacity and Comfort for Passengers: Designed to comfortably seat 5 passengers, it also provides ample storage under each seat.

Setup and Maintenance

Ease of Inflation and Assembly: Details on the inflation and assembly process are not provided, but BRIG boats are generally known for their straightforward setup.

Maintenance Requirements and Durability Over Time: BRIG’s construction quality ensures that the Eagle 4 requires minimal maintenance while offering lasting durability.

Availability and Cost of Replacement Parts: Information on replacement parts is not specified, but BRIG typically supports its models with available parts


Accessories and Customization

Included Accessories: The boat includes essential accessories, but specifics are not listed.

Available Upgrades and Customization Options: BRIG offers customization options, though details for the Eagle 4 are not provided.

Compatibility with Third-party Accessories: The design likely supports compatibility with various accessories, enhancing its versatility.

User Experience and Reviews

Specific user reviews are not mentioned, but BRIG’s reputation suggests that the Eagle 4 is well-received for its performance and quality.

Price and Value

Pricing Information: Not explicitly mentioned, but BRIG boats are known for their premium positioning in the market.

Value for Money: The Eagle 4’s design and features suggest it offers great value for those seeking a high-performance, luxurious inflatable boat.

Pros and Cons

  • Detailed pros and cons are not listed, but the Eagle 4’s design, performance, and brand reputation suggest a strong balance of advantages.
  • areas for improvement, providing a balanced view of its capabilities.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Overall Rating: While an explicit rating is not given, the Eagle 4 appears to be a highly recommended model for those seeking luxury and performance in a compact RIB.

Recommended User Profiles: Ideal for beginners, advanced users, and those interested in fishing or recreational activities who require a high-quality, versatile inflatable boat.

Alternatives: For different needs or budgets, exploring other models within the BRIG Eagle series or comparable brands could provide alternatives.


What is the seating capacity and load limit of the BRIG Eagle 4?

The BRIG Eagle 4 is designed to comfortably seat up to 5 passengers. For specific load limit details, please refer to the official specifications provided by BRIG, as these can vary based on the configuration and equipment.

How does the BRIG Eagle 4 perform in rough water?

Thanks to its deep ‘V’ hull design, extended waterline, and extra-wide tubes, the Eagle 4 is engineered to provide stability and a dry ride even in choppy water conditions. It’s well-suited for a variety of water environments, including calm lakes, rivers, and ocean use.

Can I customize my BRIG Eagle 4?

Yes, BRIG offers customization options for the Eagle 4, allowing owners to tailor their boat to specific needs and preferences. Options may include color choices, seating configurations, and additional accessories. Contact a BRIG dealer for detailed customization options.

What maintenance is required for the BRIG Eagle 4?

The Eagle 4, like all inflatable boats, requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity and performance. This includes routine cleaning, checking for and repairing any punctures, storage in a dry and UV-protected area, and engine maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What warranty coverage does BRIG offer for the Eagle 4?

BRIG provides warranty coverage for its boats, which typically includes protection against manufacturing defects for both the hull and fabric. For detailed warranty information, including duration and what’s covered, please consult your BRIG dealer or the warranty documentation provided with your boat purchase.

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