Generation 12



The Generation 12 is described as a luxury console tender that epitomizes elegance and superior craftsmanship. Designed for enthusiasts who demand the best from their time on the water, it emphasizes performance, comfort, and versatility, setting new benchmarks in the luxury tender segment.

Brand Background

Walker Bay is renowned for its innovative approach to boat design and manufacturing, focusing on combining high-quality materials with advanced boat-building technologies. The brand has earned a reputation for creating durable, versatile boats that cater to a broad spectrum of boating activities.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

While specific details such as length, weight, and capacity were not directly provided, the Generation 12 is highlighted for its modified deep V-hull for smooth riding and handling, a wide rear seat for enhanced comfort, and a strategically placed sound system for optimal audio experience. It is built using lightweight materials for easy handling, transport, and storage.

Design and Construction

The Generation 12’s construction leverages the latest in boat building technology, focusing on a lightweight yet durable design that facilitates easy maneuverability and maintenance. Its deep V-hull and ergonomic features underscore a commitment to providing first-class comfort and performance.

Performance and Handling

The boat is praised for its power and speed, with the modified deep V-hull ensuring a smooth ride across various water conditions. This design choice enhances stability and handling, making it suitable for calm lakes, rivers, and ocean exploration.

Setup and Maintenance

Its design and construction suggest that the Generation 12 is straightforward to set up and maintain, emphasizing user convenience without compromising on performance or durability.

Accessories and Customization

The Generation 12 offers additional features and options for customization, allowing owners to tailor the boat to their personal tastes and lifestyle needs. Specific accessories were not listed, but the emphasis on customization suggests a wide range of options.

User Experience and Reviews

Specific user reviews and feedback were not provided, but the boat’s focus on comfort, ergonomics, and performance indicates it likely delivers an exceptional boating experience that meets the high expectations of its target audience.

Price and Value

Pricing information is not directly mentioned, but given its positioning as a luxury console tender, the Generation 12 is expected to offer significant value through its unmatched performance, comfort, and customization options.

Pros and Cons

  • Exceptional craftsmanship, superior on-water performance, luxurious comfort, and extensive customization options.
  •  Premium features and exclusivity may reflect in a higher price point compared to standard models.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The Generation 12 is highly recommended for boating enthusiasts seeking a luxury tender that combines innovative design with unparalleled performance and comfort. It is ideally suited for those who prioritize quality, versatility, and the ability to personalize their boating experience.


What makes the Generation 12 stand out in the luxury tender market?

Its combination of advanced construction, luxurious comfort features, and performance-oriented design.

How does the Generation 12 perform in rough water?

The modified deep V-hull design ensures smooth and stable handling in various water conditions.

Can the Generation 12 be customized for fishing or other specific activities?

Yes, it offers customization options to fit the owner’s tastes and lifestyle, suggesting versatility in its use.

What are the seating arrangements like?

It features a very wide rear seat among other ergonomic seating options for maximum comfort.

Is the Generation 12 suitable for ocean outings?

Yes, its design and construction make it suitable for calm lakes, rivers, and ocean use.

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