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The BRIG Navigator 485 is a 15ft deep-v hull boat, ideal for those who wish to enjoy water activities with friends and family. It serves as the smallest RIB in the Navigator series, capable of functioning as a support boat for a sailing fleet. Its design includes a beam of 7 feet and 7 inches, a square bow, and extra-wide tubes for stability and a smooth ride. The boat features eye-catching red upholstered seats, contrasting with its gray and white exterior and interior, and can accommodate up to eight adult passengers.

Brand Background

BRIG has established a reputation for history, reputation, and innovation in the inflatable boat industry, with the Navigator 485 showcasing some unique features alongside those shared with its larger siblings in the series.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

The Navigator 485 is equipped with a steering console centrally located, supports an engine output of up to 75 horsepower, and weighs 838 pounds unoccupied with a maximum payload capacity of 2,315 pounds. This lightweight RIB is easy to transport, clean, and maintain, offering a stable, dry ride across various water conditions..

Design and Construction

This RIB’s design aesthetics include a combination of functionality, durability, and portability, with materials chosen for longevity and ease of storage. Its construction ensures a stable and smooth on-water performance, suitable for calm lakes, rivers, and ocean settings.

Performance and Handling

Its on-water performance is characterized by stability, maneuverability, and speed, making it suitable for different water conditions and capable of comfortably carrying passengers and cargo.

Setup and Maintenance

The Navigator 485 is designed for easy inflation and assembly, minimal maintenance requirements, and straightforward access to replacement parts, ensuring more time can be spent enjoying the water rather than tending to the vessel.

Accessories and Customization

It comes with paddles, pumps, and repair kits, with options for upgrades and customization available to enhance the boating experience. It is also compatible with third-party accessories..

User Experience and Reviews

Reviews typically highlight the boat’s common praises and concerns, reflecting the personal experiences and insights of various users.

Price and Value

While specific pricing information is not provided, the Navigator 485 is compared with similar models to assess its value for money and potential resale value, alongside warranty coverage details.

Pros and Cons

  • Details on the boat’s advantages and limitations are clear and concise
  • aiding potential buyers in making informed decisions.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The final assessment of the Navigator 485 includes its overall rating and recommendations for potential user profiles, such as beginners, advanced users, and those interested in fishing or recreation. It also suggests alternatives for different needs or budgets.


What is the maximum engine output for the Navigator 485?

Up to 75 horsepower.

How many passengers can the Navigator 485 accommodate?

Up to eight adult passengers.

What is the unoccupied weight and maximum payload capacity of the Navigator 485?

The boat weighs 838 pounds when unoccupied and has a maximum payload capacity of 2,315 pounds.

Can the Navigator 485 be used in different water conditions?

Yes, it is suitable for calm lakes, rivers, and ocean settings.

What are the maintenance requirements for the Navigator 485?

It is designed for ease of inflation and assembly, with minimal maintenance requirements and easy access to replacement parts.

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