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The Falcon 360 is highlighted as a versatile and nimble tender, part of the Falcon series, and designed to offer an attractive alternative for navigating tight spaces like busy harbors. Despite being one of the smallest tenders in the series, it is praised for its seaworthiness, comparable to larger RIBs in the lineup.

Brand Background

BRIG’s commitment to providing luxurious experiences through high-quality materials and design is evident in the Falcon 360. The boat is designed by maritime and military experts and produced in Europe, indicating a reputation for innovation and quality in the inflatable boat industry.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

Specifications: The Falcon 360 measures 11’6″ in length and just over 5’7″ in width, weighs under 530 pounds, and can carry a payload of nearly 1,608 pounds.

Unique Features: Available in three variants (no console, a sport console, or a conventional offset steering console), the Falcon 360 is designed to maximize space and comfort for up to five adult passengers.

Comparison: While direct comparisons are not provided, its design for easy navigation in various settings, coupled with its payload capacity, suggests it competes favorably among small RIB tenders.

Design and Construction

The Falcon 360’s design, emphasizing space and durability despite its compact size, reflects a balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. The quality of materials and the detail in construction underscore its durability and portability.

Performance and Handling

Its performance is noted for ease of navigation both in open waters and crowded marinas. The design ensures stability, maneuverability, and comfort for passengers, suitable for various water conditions.

Setup and Maintenance

Specifics on setup, inflation, and maintenance requirements are not detailed, but the emphasis on quality and design suggests a focus on ease of use and durability over time.

Accessories and Customization

Information on included accessories or customization options is not detailed, but the availability of different console variants indicates some level of customization to suit boater preferences.

User Experience and Reviews

Direct user reviews and feedback are not provided, but the initial description implies positive experiences with the Falcon 360’s functionality and on-water performance.

Price and Value

Pricing and value assessments are not detailed in the content, nor are comparisons with similar models or discussions on warranty coverage.

Pros and Cons

  • Pricing and value assessments are not detailed in the content, nor are comparisons with similar models or discussions on warranty coverage.
  • Cons are not listed, but the detail provided suggests few limitations for its intended use and market segment.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The Falcon 360 is recommended for those with limited deck space or who require a capable, compact tender that does not compromise on seaworthiness or passenger comfort. It seems particularly suited for users looking for a practical yet enjoyable tender experience.


What is the Falcon 360’s load capacity?

It can carry nearly 1,608 pounds.

How does the Falcon 360 handle in tight spaces?

It is designed for easy navigation in tight spaces, including busy harbors, without causing damage to other vessels.

What variants does the Falcon 360 offer?

It is available with no console, a sport console, or a conventional offset steering console.

Is the Falcon 360 suitable for open water conditions?

Yes, it is designed to be just as seaworthy as larger RIBs, suitable for open waters and trafficked marinas.

Can the Falcon 360 be transported without a trailer?

Yes, weighing just under 530 pounds, it can be transported on land without a trailer.

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