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The Falcon 380 is introduced as a sleek, versatile tender in the Falcon series, first launched in 2017. It is noted for its universal visual appeal, featuring contrasting white and gray materials, and is described as a compact package that delivers luxurious experiences on the water.

Brand Background

While specific historical details and achievements of BRIG in the inflatable boat industry are not provided, the Falcon 380’s design and construction suggest a commitment to quality and innovation. BRIG’s reputation for producing durable and stylish boats is implied through the description of the Falcon 380.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

Specifications: The Falcon 380 is a 12-foot tender that is slightly more than 6 feet wide, weighs just under 716 pounds, and can carry a payload of just under 1,875 pounds.

Unique Features: It boasts a powerful engine and a deep-V hull combined with larger inflatable tubes, allowing for a heavier payload. It is designed to be lightweight, fuel-efficient, and safe, with an emphasis on preventing sinking or tipping and minimizing damage in collisions.

Comparison: While direct comparisons with previous models or competitors are not provided, the emphasis on the Falcon 380’s design and functionality suggests it is a standout in its category for those looking for a 12-foot tender.

Design and Construction

The Falcon 380 is designed by maritime and military experts, highlighting its practicality and thoughtful design. Its striking visual appeal is matched by the quality of materials used, ensuring durability. The design also focuses on portability and ease of maintenance.

Performance and Handling

The boat’s on-water performance is highlighted by its stability, maneuverability, and capability to carry a large load, making it suitable for various water conditions. Its design ensures safety and ease of use in crowded marinas.

Setup and Maintenance

Ease of cleaning and minimal maintenance requirements are emphasized, suggesting that the Falcon 380 is designed for convenience and longevity. Specific details on inflation, assembly, and replacement parts are not provided.

Accessories and Customization

While the website does not detail included accessories or customization options, the emphasis on design and functionality suggests compatibility with essential boating accessories.

User Experience and Reviews

User reviews and feedback are not directly provided, but the initial description implies positive impressions of the Falcon 380’s aesthetics, functionality, and performance.

Price and Value

Pricing and Value: While specific pricing information is not provided, the Falcon 420 is presented as offering good value for money considering its features and capabilities.

Pros and Cons

  • advantages such as design, portability, safety, and functionality
  • no clear limitations mentioned.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The final thoughts on the Falcon 380 are not explicitly stated, but the description points to a high recommendation for those seeking a versatile, stylish, and practical 12-foot tender. It seems particularly well-suited for users valuing design, safety, and ease of use.


What is the load capacity of the Falcon 380?

It can carry a payload of just under 1,875 pounds.

How easy is the Falcon 380 to maintain?

It is designed for ease of cleaning and minimal maintenance.

Can the Falcon 380 handle rough water conditions?

Its design and construction suggest it is capable of handling various water conditions safely and comfortably.

What makes the Falcon 380 stand out from other tenders?

Its lightweight yet durable design, combined with a powerful engine and larger tubes for a heavier payload, make it a unique choice.

Is the Falcon 380 suitable for beginners?

Yes, its ease of use, stability, and safety features make it suitable for boaters of all experience levels.

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