Kolibri KM-200 67 inflatable boat


Introduction to Kolibri Marine and the KM-280 Model

Kolibri Marine is renowned for its innovative and high-quality inflatable boats. The KM-280 model is a flat-bottomed inflatable boat, perfect for calm lakes and rivers, designed to carry 2 people with a motor up to 5 horsepower, demonstrating a blend of simplicity and functionality.

Brand Background

With a strong history and reputation in the inflatable boat industry, Kolibri Marine has made notable achievements through innovations in design and construction, ensuring durability and performance in their products.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

  • Total Dimensions: 280×144 cm / 9’2″x4’7″, providing ample space for two passengers.
  • Internal Dimensions: 185×64 cm / 73×25 inches, optimizing interior space.
  • Tube Diameter: 38 cm / 15 inches, ensuring stability.
  • Chambers: 3, for enhanced safety and buoyancy.
  • Maximum Payload: 350 kg / 772 lbs, supporting passengers and gear.
  • Maximum Motor Power: 5 HP (3.7 kW), suitable for leisurely navigation.
  • Weight: 27 kg / 59.5 lbs, for ease of transport.
  • Folded Dimensions: 100x53x33 cm / 39x21x13 inches, facilitating storage.
  • Transom Height: 381 mm (15 inches), accommodating standard outboard motors.
  • Price: 1,139.00 CAD, reflecting its features and quality

Design and Construction

Constructed from top-quality PVC (1100g/m2, 0.9 mm thick) with a five-year warranty, the KM-280 features heat-welded seams for durability. Its high-pressure inflatable floor ensures easy assembly and stability, while the marine-grade plywood transom offers long-lasting performance.

Performance and Handling

The KM-200 is designed for exceptional stability and ease of maneuverability, suitable for calm lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. Its lightweight design and motor capability make it versatile for various water conditions.

Setup and Maintenance

Known for its fastest and easiest assembly, the KM-280 includes overpressure valves to protect against temperature-induced pressure changes. The seats are movable for comfort, and the boat includes transport handles and a strong lifeline for safety.

Accessories and Customization

Included: Boat, oars, bench, inflatable floor, transport bag, repair kit, documentation, and pump. The KM-280 supports additional accessories for customization, enhancing the boating experience.

User Experience and Reviews

The KM-280 is praised for its ease of setup, stability, and suitability for calm water conditions, making it a favorite among casual boaters and fishing enthusiasts.

Price and Value

Priced at 1,139.00 CAD, the KM-280 offers great value for its quality, features, and performance. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, easy-to-manage inflatable boat for recreational use.

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality PVC construction, easy to assemble and maintain, suitable for up to two passengers, light and portable.
  • Limited capacity and power for those seeking more adventurous boating experiences.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The Kolibri KM-280 inflatable boat is highly recommended for individuals or couples seeking a stable, easy-to-use boat for leisure activities on calm lakes and rivers. Its combination of quality, performance, and affordability makes it an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned boaters alike.


What is the maximum motor power for the KM-280?

Up to 5 HP (3.7 kW).

How many people can the KM-280 accommodate?

Two passengers.

What materials are used in the construction of the KM-280?

Top-quality PVC with heat-welded seams.

What accessories are included with the KM-280?

Boat, oars, bench, inflatable floor, transport bag, repair kit, documentation, and pump.

What is the price of the KM-280?

1,139.00 CAD.

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