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The Mares 10 VSX is a dynamic model from AB Inflatables, known for blending performance with elegance. It features a foldable console, mechanical steering system, LED navigation lights, and is constructed with ORCA (CSM) coated fabric for durability.

Brand Background

AB Inflatables has a rich history of producing high-quality inflatable boats, emphasising innovation, performance, and reliability. The brand’s commitment to excellence is evident in its adoption of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

  • Specifications: Measures 10′ 6″ in length with a beam of 5′ 7″. It has a capacity for 4 persons, weighs 287 lbs, and supports up to 30hp. The boat features a deep “V” hull, three air chambers, and a tube diameter of 17″.
  • Unique Features: Includes a new console with cupholder and SS grab handle, foldable console for easy storage, and all-around LED anchor lights. It’s designed for easy lifting with SS gas springs and offers custom colour options upon request.

Design and Construction

The Mares 10 VSX showcases a hand-laid fibreglass deep “V” hull and non-skid deck, ensuring stability and durability. Its construction includes a stringer system laminated into the hull, with high-quality materials used throughout for longevity and performance.

Performance and Handling

With its “V” hull design and lightweight construction, the Mares 10 VSX promises excellent on-water performance, including stability, manoeuvrability, and speed. It’s suited for various water conditions, providing a comfortable and secure experience.

Setup and Maintenance

The boat is designed for straightforward setup and low maintenance, featuring corrosion-resistant materials and easy-to-clean surfaces. Its design minimises the effort required for inflation and assembly.

Accessories and Customization

  • Included Accessories: Comes standard with a hand pump, maintenance kit, and owner’s manual. Features include a new integrated fibreglass console, stern seat with storage, and two deck drains.
  • Optional Equipment: Offers enhancements like a bow step with fold-down SS cleat, Bimini top, boat cover, teak floor, GPS, and VHF package for customization.

User Experience and Reviews

Although specific user reviews are not mentioned, the Mares 10 VSX’s design and features suggest it would be highly valued for its quality, ease of use, and versatility.

Price and Value

Pricing details are not available on the website. Interested customers should contact AB Inflatables or authorised dealers for current pricing. The boat’s features and construction quality indicate it offers good value for the investment.

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality construction, advanced safety features, and comprehensive standard and optional equipmen
  • Lack of direct pricing information and specific performance data may require potential buyers to seek out further details.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The Mares 10 VSX is an excellent choice for boaters seeking a high-performance, versatile, and elegantly designed inflatable boat. It is suitable for a wide range of activities and offers customization options to meet various needs.


What is the maximum horsepower for the Mares 10 VSX?

The maximum horsepower is 30hp.

How many people can the Mares 10 VSX accommodate?

It can accommodate up to 4 persons.

What type of hull does the Mares 10 VSX have?

It features a hand-laid fibreglass deep “V” hull.

Can I customise my Mares 10 VSX with additional equipment?

Yes, there are several optional equipment choices available, including a Bimini top, GPS, and VHF package.

What are the dimensions of the Mares 10 VSX?

It is 10′ 6″ long and 5′ 7″ wide.

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