Nautilus 14 DLX



  • The Nautilus 14 DLX by AB Inflatables is a premium inflatable boat known for its superior craftsmanship and performance. This model offers a blend of elegance, functionality, and durability.
  • Key features include a hand-laid fibreglass deep “V” hull, integrated marine-grade aluminium fuel tank, and spacious design for enhanced comfort.

Brand Background

  • AB Inflatables has a rich history of producing high-quality inflatable boats renowned for their reliability and innovation.
  • The brand has achieved notable recognition in the inflatable boat industry for its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

  • Specifications: Length 14′ / 4.27m, Beam 6’7″ / 2.01m, Weight 784 lb / 356kg, Capacity 7 persons, Recommended HP 50hp, Max HP 70hp.
  • Features: Hand-laid fibreglass deep “V” hull, integrated marine-grade aluminium fuel tank, ORCA (CSM) coated fabric, and spacious deck layout.
  • Compared to previous models and competitors, the Nautilus 14 DLX offers increased capacity and enhanced performance, making it ideal for various boating activities.

Design and Construction

Design and Construction

  • The boat’s design emphasises both aesthetics and functionality, with attention to detail evident in features like the raised double rub rail and integrated fibreglass console.
  • Constructed with high-quality materials, including ORCA (CSM) coated fabric, the Nautilus 14 DLX ensures durability and longevity.
  • Its portability and ease of storage are enhanced by features like the fold-down stainless steel cleats and compact steering system.

Performance and Handling

  • Offers exceptional on-water performance, characterised by stability, manoeuvrability, and speed.
  • Designed to handle different water conditions with ease, from calm lakes to rougher ocean waters.
  • The boat’s generous load capacity ensures comfort for passengers during extended outings.

Setup and Maintenance

  • Inflation and assembly are straightforward, with user-friendly features like push-push plastic non-corrosive inflation valves.
  • Maintenance requirements are minimal, with the boat’s durable construction and quality materials ensuring long-term durability.
  • Replacement parts are readily available, and maintenance kits are provided for convenience.

Accessories and Customization

  • Comes equipped with essential accessories like a hand pump, maintenance kit, and fully upholstered seating.
  • Offers various upgrades and customization options, including a stainless steel light arch, boat cover, and teak floor, to suit individual preferences.
  • Compatible with a range of third-party accessories for added convenience and versatility.

User Experience and Reviews

  • Users praise the Nautilus 14 DLX for its exceptional build quality, spacious design, and smooth on-water performance.
  • Common praises include its stability, ample storage, and comfortable seating arrangement.
  • Concerns are minimal, with some users mentioning the premium price point as a potential drawback.

Price and Value

  • Pricing details may vary by dealer and region, but the Nautilus 14 DLX is generally considered to offer excellent value for its quality, features, and performance.
  • Its durability, brand reputation, and potential resale value contribute to its overall value proposition.

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality construction, elegant design, comfortable seating, and good on-water performance.
  • Premium price point, some desirable features are optional.

Conclusion and Recommendations

  • The Nautilus 14 DLX is a top choice for boating enthusiasts seeking a premium inflatable boat with superior performance and comfort.
  • Recommended for users of all skill levels, it offers a versatile and enjoyable boating experience suitable for various activities.


What is the fuel capacity of the Nautilus 14 DLX?

The fuel capacity is 15 gallons / 57 litres, with an EPA-compliant fuel tank.

How many people can the Nautilus 14 DLX accommodate?

It can comfortably accommodate up to 7 persons.

What type of warranty does AB Inflatables offer for the Nautilus 14 DLX?

AB Inflatables typically offers a comprehensive warranty, but specific terms should be confirmed with the manufacturer or dealer.

Can I customise the colour of my Nautilus 14 DLX?

Yes, custom colors are available upon request.

What are the maintenance requirements for the Nautilus 14 DLX?

Maintenance is minimal and straightforward, involving regular cleaning, checking inflation levels, and inspecting for wear and tear. Replacement parts and maintenance kits are readily available.

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