Oceanus 11 VST



The Oceanus 11 VST by AB Inflatables is a remarkable model boasting impressive features designed to enhance the boating experience. With its mechanical steering system, LED navigation lights, and yacht-quality finish, this inflatable boat promises both performance and luxury.

Brand Background

AB Inflatables has a rich history in the inflatable boat industry, known for its innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship. The brand has earned a stellar reputation for producing durable and reliable watercraft, setting standards for the industry.

Specifications and Features

Specifications and Features

  • Length: 11′ / 3.35m
  • Beam: 5’ 8” / 1.73m
  • Chambers: 3
  • Capacity: 5 persons
  • Weight: 370 lb / 168 kg
  • Material: ORCA (CSM) Coated Fabric
  • Unique Features: LED Navigation Lights, SS Gas Springs, Sunbrella Fabric Boat Cover Available, Custom Colors Upon Request
  • Comparison: The Oceanus 11 VST excels in its class with superior build quality and advanced features compared to other models.

Design and Construction

Design and Construction

The boat’s design combines aesthetics with functionality, featuring a deep “V” hull for stability and manoeuvrability. Quality materials and meticulous construction ensure durability, while portability and ease of storage make it convenient for transport.

Performance and Handling

On-water performance is exceptional, offering stability, manoeuvrability, and impressive speed. Suitable for various water conditions, this boat provides comfort and safety for passengers, along with a notable load capacity.

Setup and Maintenance

Easy inflation and assembly make it hassle-free to get on the water quickly. Minimal maintenance requirements and durable construction ensure longevity, with replacement parts readily available at a reasonable cost.

Accessories and Customization

The Oceanus 11 VST comes with a range of standard equipment including paddles, pumps, and a maintenance kit. Additionally, optional upgrades and customization options allow users to personalise their boating experience.

User Experience and Reviews

User reviews praise the Oceanus 11 VST for its reliability, performance, and comfort. Common concerns are minimal, highlighting the overall satisfaction of owners with this model.

Price and Value

Pricing is competitive considering the boat’s features and quality construction. The Oceanus 11 VST offers excellent value for money, with potential for resale and comprehensive warranty coverage.

Pros and Cons

  • Superior performance
  • Quality construction
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Easy to maintain
  • Limited colour options
  • Additional accessories may incur extra cost

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, the Oceanus 11 VST stands out as a top choice for boating enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance and luxury. Recommended for both beginners and advanced users, it offers versatility and reliability for various water activities. For those seeking alternatives, exploring different models within the Oceanus series or considering similar offerings from competitors is advisable.


How easy is it to inflate the Oceanus 11 VST?

Inflation is straightforward with the included hand pump and push-push inflation valves.

What is the warranty coverage for this model?

Yes, AB Inflatables typically offers a comprehensive warranty for their boats. Specific terms should be confirmed with the manufacturer or dealer.

Can I customize the color of the boat?

Yes, custom colors are available upon request, allowing users to personalize their vessel.

Is the boat suitable for fishing?

Yes, the Oceanus 11 VST offers stability and comfort, making it ideal for fishing trips.

What is the maximum recommended horsepower for this model?

The Oceanus 11 VST can accommodate up to 40hp, providing ample power for various activities.

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