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The Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout is a versatile and powerful inflatable boat, ideal as a ship-to-shore tender or for recreational activities. Known for its capacity to carry up to 5 adults or 1200 lbs, this model combines portability with performance.

The 10.6sr impresses with its lightweight-to-size ratio, high buoyancy, stowability, and the efficiency of its high-pressure, inflatable drop stitch floors.

Brand Background

Sea Eagle is known for its quality inflatable boats and innovation in the industry. The Sport Runabouts series is a testament to their commitment to durability, functionality, and user satisfaction.

The brand has made significant strides in inflatable boat technology, particularly in reducing hull weight and improving performance and portability.

Specifications and Features

The 10.6sr is 10 ft. 6 in. long with a beam of 5 ft. 5 in., featuring a 5-chamber construction, and can be inflated in 15 minutes. It supports up to a 15 hp motor and can achieve speeds up to 18 mph with 2 adults.

This model features a high-pressure inflatable drop stitch floor, 5/8″ grab line for safety, rounded rear pontoons for rapid planing, and multiple air chambers for added safety.

Compared to other models, the 10.6sr offers enhanced portability, reduced weight due to the inflatable floor, and improved on-water performance.

Design and Construction

The 10.6sr features a functional and user-friendly design with safety and convenience in mind, including a wide beam hull for stability and pop-up oarlocks for instant use.

Built with 1100 Decitex Reinforced material and glued quadruple overlapped seams, the 10.6sr is designed for durability and long-term use.

The boat’s design allows it to be deflated and packed compactly, fitting in a car trunk or storage area, enhancing its portability and ease of storage.

Performance and Handling

The 10.6sr is known for its stability, manoeuvrability, and speed, with the ability to comfortably navigate different water conditions.

While it’s versatile for various settings like lakes, rivers, and near coastal areas, users should always consider local conditions and safety.

With a capacity to hold 5 adults or 1200 lbs, the 10.6sr offers ample space and comfort for passengers and gear.

Setup and Maintenance

The inflation process is straightforward, taking about 15 minutes with recommended pumps.

The high-quality materials and construction ensure low maintenance and long-term durability.

Sea Eagle provides accessible parts and accessories, ensuring that the boat can be maintained and serviced as needed.

Accessories and Customization

Packages typically include paddles, a pump, a repair kit, and carry bags, with the exact contents varying by the chosen package.

Options include different motor packages, solar packages, and seating configurations to suit various needs and preferences.

The boat’s design allows for compatibility with a wide range of accessories, enhancing its utility and versatility.

User Experience and Reviews

Owners like Jeffery Poel and Brenda Taylor rate the 10.6sr highly, praising its quality, performance, and suitability for various activities.

The boat is frequently praised for its stability, portability, and ease of use.

Users appreciate the 10.6sr for its versatile applications, whether for leisure, fishing, or as a tender.

Video Review

Price and Value

Packages start at $1,949, with various options available for customization and additional features.

The boat’s design, durability, and performance offer good value for the investment.

While specific warranty details weren’t provided, the brand’s reputation suggests reliable customer support and product quality.

Pros and Cons

  • High portability, easy setup
  • Strong construction
  • Versatility in use
  • Good on-water performance
  • The cost might be a consideration for some
  • The need for a motor for optimal performance.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout is an excellent choice for those seeking a durable, versatile, and high-performance inflatable boat.

Ideal for both recreational users and those needing a reliable tender, suitable for a range of activities including fishing and exploring.

For different needs or budgets, consider exploring other models in the Sea Eagle range or comparable brands.


What are the standout features of the Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout?

The Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout is known for its lightweight-to-size ratio, high buoyancy, and efficiency. It features a high-pressure inflatable drop stitch floor, reducing the overall hull weight and storage footprint. The boat is NMMA & CE Certified, ensuring high standards of safety and construction quality.

How much time does it take to inflate the 10.6sr, and what equipment is needed?

Inflation of the 10.6sr typically takes about 15 minutes. The recommended equipment for inflation is a high-capacity pump, which can either be manual or electric. The boat features 5 recessed one-way air valves for easy and quick inflation.

What is the capacity of the 10.6sr, and what type of motor can it accommodate?

The 10.6sr can carry up to 5 adults or 1200 lbs. It can accommodate a motor up to 15 hp with a maximum weight of 125 lbs, and a 15″ shaft, which is ideal for gas engines. This setup can provide significant speed and power for various on-water activities.

Is the 10.6sr suitable for different types of water bodies?

Yes, the 10.6sr is designed to be versatile and can be used in calm lakes, rivers, and near coastal areas. Its design provides stability and manoeuvrability, but it’s always important to consider local water conditions and safety regulations.

What accessories are included with the 10.6sr, and can it be customised?

The 10.6sr comes with various accessories, including a repair kit, oars, and a carry bag. Additional accessories and customization options are available, such as different seating configurations, motor packages, and solar packages, allowing users to tailor the boat to their specific needs and preferences.

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