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The Sea Eagle FastCat12 is a 2-person inflatable catamaran boat, known for its lightweight, strong construction, and packability, making it a future-forward choice in boating.

Notable for its double-layer, high-pressure, all-drop-stitch fusion technology, the FastCat12 is 19 lbs. lighter than its predecessor, providing incredible deck space and “The Smoothest Ride On The Water.”

Brand Background

Sea Eagle Boats is recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation in the inflatable boat market. The FastCat12 is a testament to their continuous improvement and customer-focused design.

The brand is known for its innovative designs, especially in the FastCat™ series, prioritising smooth rides, fuel efficiency, and spacious interiors.

Specifications and Features

The FastCat12 boasts a length of 12 ft. 10 in., a beam of 4 ft. 8 in., and a load capacity of 2 persons or 1200 lbs. It’s made from double-layer 1000 Denier Reinforced material and has an engine capacity of up to 6 hp.

Features like rapid self-bailing, EZ-attach seating system, and a non-slip EVA foam covered deck set it apart.

Compared to its predecessor and competitors, the FastCat12 is lighter, more robust, and easier to pack, offering enhanced performance and convenience.

Design and Construction

Design Aesthetics: The boat combines functionality with aesthetics, providing a spacious deck and comfortable seating.

Materials and Durability: Made from double-layer 1000 Denier Reinforced material with quadruple overlapped superior glued seams, the FastCat12 promises strength and longevity.

Portability: Its lightweight design and compact deflated size make it highly portable and easy to store.

Performance and Handling

On-water Performance: With a catamaran design, it offers stability, manoeuvrability, and speed (up to 15 mph with a 5 hp motor), ensuring a smooth ride.

Suitability: Its design and construction make it suitable for various water conditions, offering a stable and comfortable experience.

Load Capacity and Comfort: The boat comfortably accommodates 2 people or up to 1200 lbs, providing ample space for passengers and gear.

Setup and Maintenance

Ease of Inflation: Can be inflated in 15 minutes with the recommended BTP Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump.

Maintenance: The high-quality construction minimises maintenance needs, focusing on long-term durability.

Replacement Parts: Sea Eagle offers parts and accessories to ensure the boat’s longevity and performance.

Accessories and Customization

Packages may include EZ-Attach Bench Seats, paddles, pumps, repair kits, and more.

Options for customization include Scotty accessories for fishing, optional wide sun & rain canopy, and motor upgrades.

The Universal Scotty Pads ensure compatibility with a wide range of third-party accessories.

User Experience and Reviews

Owners like Mark Burdo and Harvey Vedder give the FastCat12 high ratings, praising its stability, build quality, ease of use, and customer service.

Stability, build quality, and customer support are frequently mentioned positives.

The FastCat12 is praised for its versatility, stability, and convenience, suitable for fishing, leisure, and various water activities.

Video Review

Price and Value

Packages start at $1,999, with various options available up to $5,349 for the Torqeedo Solar Package.

The boat’s design, features, and durability offer good value for the investment.

Resale and Warranty: Specific warranty details weren’t provided, but the brand’s reputation suggests reliability and support.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight design
  • easy packability
  • smooth on-water performance
  • and versatile customization options
  • Higher initial investment compared to basic models
  • reliance on accessories for optimal utility

Conclusion and Recommendation

The FastCat12 is an innovative, high-quality boat suitable for adventurers and families seeking a durable, enjoyable, and versatile watercraft.

Ideal for both beginners and advanced users, perfect for activities ranging from fishing to leisure.

For different budgets or needs, exploring other models in the Sea Eagle range or similar brands might provide suitable alternatives.


What are the key features of the Sea Eagle FastCat12, and how do they enhance the boating experience?

The FastCat12 boasts a catamaran-style hull, high-pressure drop-stitch construction, and a self-bailing design. These features contribute to its stability, durability, and smooth ride on various water conditions. The boat’s lightweight and compact design also make it easy to store and transport.

How easy is it to set up and inflate the FastCat12?

The FastCat12 is designed for easy and quick setup. It can be inflated in about 15 minutes using the recommended BTP Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump. The EZ-Attach Bench Seats and simple inflation process make it user-friendly, even for those with minimal experience.

Can the FastCat12 be customized with accessories, and what are the options?

Yes, the FastCat12 can be customized with a range of accessories. It comes with Universal Scotty Pads, which allow for the attachment of various optional accessories, such as rod holders, bait boards, and camera mounts. Other options include a wide sun & rain canopy and motor upgrades, enhancing its functionality for activities like fishing, photography, or leisure.

What is the weight and passenger capacity of the FastCat12?

The FastCat12 has a hull weight of 94 lbs and can comfortably accommodate 2 persons or up to 1200 lbs in total load capacity. This makes it suitable for a pair of adults or one adult with gear for activities like fishing or camping.

Is the FastCat12 suitable for different types of water bodies, such as lakes, rivers, or coastal areas?

Yes, the FastCat12 is designed to perform well in a variety of water conditions. Its stability and construction quality make it suitable for calm lakes, rivers, and nearshore coastal areas. However, always consider local weather conditions and water currents for safety.

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